Inspired by spring

Spring is my favorite season. Here are just a few things as of late. I planted more rosemary, I've enjoyed buying flowers every week…..and spring brings out my creative senses… I have been inspired by the pages of this book that I found at a second hand shop. I can't stop looking at it!

Enjoy the season!


Inspired Interiors…

This beautiful 17th-century chateau in the Loire Valley is simply breathtaking. From the outside it looks grand but once you take a peek at the interior it seems perfectly cozy. 

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Inspired By Italy...

 For me Italy is a constant inspiration. I never tire of looking at photos of Italy, they always inspire me. I love everything about that country, from it's cafes, it's landscape too it's architecture and details. I love all of it and I every time I visit, I find and discover something new. Do you have a favorite place that inspires you?  

All photos by me




I'm always in search of the perfect color for my home. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from, it makes it difficult to select the right one for a particular room. In my opinion the colors that Farrow & Ball offer are the most beautiful. Their pigment is incredible and the paint is of the highest quality. No one makes paint quite like Farrow and Ball. 
The above color is called Strong White. It has a hint of gray (though you can't really tell from the first image above) and a hint of green blue. This one might be just the perfect color for our bedroom. 
Stiffkey Blue would be beautiful in a formal setting. I love this color, and imagine a room painted in this hue would be like being in the middle of the deep ocean. 
Here is another color that would also work well in a formal setting. This one is called Railings.
Which is your favourite? 

Shoe of the day....

Sergio Rossi.


Inspired by Nature...

 A floral arrangement in Bangkok taken by le mari.

Butterflies. Succulents. Bangkok. Image by le mari.

A few of my images. I never tire of nature, it always inspires me and I always find beauty in the simplest leave, petal, cloud. My eye is always searching and looking at color, texture or the way a color looks against another. I love it. Look around you, inspiration is everywhere.  

all other images by moi.