Friday Inspiration

I love moldboards and this one by Clare is just lovely. 

I've used moleskins for a few years now so, when I saw this one I had to post!

I can never get enough of  Cy Twombly.

Just discovered this new blog and shop! I need the sweatshirt now!

Always inspired by French interiors. More here.

This video is a must to watch. I always look forward to Scotts dinner series.


I love Paris in the spring

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and  looking through some older images of mine, I came across these from a spring trip we took in Paris.. They make me want to go back, now. I love the spring, its my favorite time of  year...especially in Paris.  There are flowers blooming everywhere. The weather is perfection and just lovely enough to stroll all day long. I never tire of looking at these images. Oh, Paris why are you so enchanting?  
After a long stroll I would love to lunch at Ma Cocotte. A new eatery that looks as beautiful as I am sure the clientele is. A girl can dream, non? 

 I would stay at Hotel Thoumieux
I love these images of the Hotel by Garance Dore.

Lastly, as King Francois the I said,  
"Paris is not a city, it's a world."
True that. 

I hope you enjoy this acoustic video by a French band named, Concorde.


Scandinavian Design

Recently I have been inspired by Scandinavian Design. I find it so calming and soothing to me. Though my home is a completely different style, as of late, I can not stop looking at Scandinavian interiors. They inspire me to edit and redesign my own home. This home is beautiful...simple yet stylish and soothing to the eye. 

Here  is a link on how to create a serene home. Great ideas! Check it out. 

This has nothing to do with the design post but, I thought I would post a picture of my sweet girl. She is a golden-doodle and has been the best dog I have ever owned. She is obedient, kind and most of all so loving. She is always happy to please. In the shot above all I had to say is "picture" and she sat still. 
Her name is Savi Apple.


Etsy Saturday Inspiration

Magnolia Bug Photograph by kariherer.

Circa 1930's Vintage Wicker Basket by FrenchMelody.

This Hot Air Balloon Kit Circus by CraftSchmaft would be adorable in a children's room!

Who doesn't love a great poof? This one by fezart is adorable. 

Loving this vintage YSL skirt via pieceshop.

This adorable brass fawn would look beautiful on a coffee table. By thewhitepepper.

Beautiful Paris Photograph by KeriBevan.

What are your favorite shops or items on Etsy? Please share:)


Paris Fashion Week, Isabel Marant Winter Whites

Loving Isabel Marants Fall show presentation. Winter whites....sick. 
You can check out more of the show here.