Monday Inspiration...

Another vintage find. Claude Monet replicas, one painting in two.

An original Michael Thonet designed chair, no. 14. If it could speak, what stories would it tell?
The chandelier sitting on the aforementioned chair, is a also a vintage find from my dear hubby.
I have had this one for a while but, I am not sure where to use it, maybe in my closet. 
The Art book I posted about here is very inspiring to me.

Inspiration is everywhere, one just has to be aware.

All pictures by me.


Mon Savi......

I had to share these pictures I shot of Savi. She is the best dog I have ever had. She is loving, obedient and such a people pleaser. When I take pictures of her, all I need to say is "Savi, sit, picture", and she will sit still until the camera stops snapping. She is a cutie I just had to share:)
The head piece is from a flower vine that grows in my back yard. I just used bobby pins to hold it in place.


Inspired by grey (gray).....

Linda Rodin, creator of Olio Lusso

Inspired by grey (gray) as of late. Images via google.


Oh Non!

No time for a proper post today! Hopefully tomorrow I will have something interesting for you all! Stay tuned:)


Oh Snap.....

Inspired today by these images with ladies and their  cams.
Its spring, be inspired and snaps some pics.

Via lemergristumblr and Pinterest


Friday Insipiration....

Inspired by the colors and floor in this image. Found via Maria Claire Italia

Inspired by accepting oneself and always trying to do better.
Je suis qui je suis. (via Pinterest)

Inspired by the Chanel ad found in my recently purchased vintage Art Magazine circa 1945.
(will share more interesting things found inside, stay tuned)

Inspired today by this image of Charlotte Gainsbourg. The mood, the color, the piano, the, mirrors, the dress,  all of it. Found via Google

Inspired by this iris, it reminds me of my mother. Growing up, she always had these irises growing in her garden.
 Who doesn't love nature? It's the beginning of beauty.
Have a beautiful and happy weekend:)


Inspired Interiors...

Inspired today by Katia and Marielle Labeque's apartment in Rome. 
More found on  Architectural Digest website. 


Ramblings and scents....

I am so enjoying my new vintage find. The table is just divine, the marble top is just beautiful. 
I smile every time I look at it. You can see the original post here.

 I have a thing for scents, especially home scents. 
I can't stand not having any sort of wonderful scent around the house. 
I love walking by my Alora, and catching a whiff of the aroma. 

For years I have bought Diptyque candles. 
They have the most wonderful selection of scents!
 No one else can replicate their aromas. 
I can never get enough and when the candle has given all it has,
 I like to reuse the container for pencils, cosmetics and or brushes, 
I even use is it as a flower vase.
Cooking always seems to leave a not so pleasing smell,  especially if I cook with garlic. 
So, to make it dissipate, I use Santa Maria Novella or Francis Kurkdjian incense papers.
 They are a quick way to neutralize not so pleasing smells. 

Lastly, here is a recent picture of my Savi:)
Have a wonderful day. Wherever you are, may your day be sunny and bright. 


Bits of Beauty and other Inspiration...

So, braids have been popular for the last few seasons. 
I for one love them, however, 
I JUST recently taught myself how to work a french braid. 
I could work a regular braid but not the frenchie.
 Into the Gloss has a great tutorial. Check it out. 

Since we are in the topic of hair,  I will have you know that, 
I have been in search for a sulfate free shampoo.
I have curly hair and have recently discovered that the shampoo 
I have been using (for years) has been drying my hair. 
Apparently shampoos with sulfates are very drying to the scalp and hair. 
Where have I been, why didn't I know this?! 
In any case, Sephora has several shampoos that are sulfate free. 
I am currently trying John Masters Organics, Zinc and Sage shampoo. 
I just started using it a couple of shampoos ago, 
so Ill have to see what it does for my rebellious curly hair!

 I recently came across Personal Beauty Stylist
a website dedicated to help one find the right skincare, and or cosmetics. 
Very interesting...personally 
I have not used their services but, I am curious  to find out more. Check it here.

Love how this girl is rocking the dewy skin. Via My Vibe My Life Tumblr.

Want to do this....

at this spa. Would be great for the skin....

last three pics my own.