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So, braids have been popular for the last few seasons. 
I for one love them, however, 
I JUST recently taught myself how to work a french braid. 
I could work a regular braid but not the frenchie.
 Into the Gloss has a great tutorial. Check it out. 

Since we are in the topic of hair,  I will have you know that, 
I have been in search for a sulfate free shampoo.
I have curly hair and have recently discovered that the shampoo 
I have been using (for years) has been drying my hair. 
Apparently shampoos with sulfates are very drying to the scalp and hair. 
Where have I been, why didn't I know this?! 
In any case, Sephora has several shampoos that are sulfate free. 
I am currently trying John Masters Organics, Zinc and Sage shampoo. 
I just started using it a couple of shampoos ago, 
so Ill have to see what it does for my rebellious curly hair!

 I recently came across Personal Beauty Stylist
a website dedicated to help one find the right skincare, and or cosmetics. 
Very interesting...personally 
I have not used their services but, I am curious  to find out more. Check it here.

Love how this girl is rocking the dewy skin. Via My Vibe My Life Tumblr.

Want to do this....

at this spa. Would be great for the skin....

last three pics my own.

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