Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. It is very labor intensive to manufacture, but, it is valued for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. That is part of the definition found on wikipedia. I have a love for linen, thanks to my mother. She always loved linen and to this day, still collects vintage linen pieces. I can never get enough pieces to add to my small collection. It is simply beautiful and the more one washes it, the softer it gets. Here in the states it is not as popular to use on bedding, so I am always in search of linen made duvet covers. For me, nothing looks as inviting as linen on a bed...it has such a soft, relaxed yet luxurious feel.

I also love it on tabletops. 

Etsy is a great source for hand made pieces and vintage finds. 

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Inspiration for your weekend, oh wait its the oscars!

Will you be watching the oscars this Sunday?
 Who will take the most oscars?
Who will be the best dressed? We will wait and see!

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Inspired today by...

Prue Ruscoe Interior shots. Found here.
Marni's New fragrance, devine.
Suffice to say, Paris. 
Fashion week in Milan, especially this dress.


Dreaming of Cortona, Italy

At a very young age, I became enamored with Italy. From the land, culture, and language, I love all of it. When we travel there, I really feel connected to Italy, and for me, it is always hard to leave.
I have been to many cities in Italy but, one of my favorites was, Cortona. Set high in the Arezzo area, it is truly a special place. From the time one is driving towards the town, you can see the town emerging from the hilltop. Once you arrive you are not disappointed by what you find. Cobblestone streets, small shops, gelato, the local people chatting away outside the cafes. It's as if one is on a movie set.  The day we were there, the town was in full celebration as there was a wedding happening. It was a special treat for us! You can see the bride and groom coming down the street in the above picture. I love the difference between the young couple and the older couple. One starting a life together and the other couple, married for years, but, both couples in love.  There is a sense of calmness in the air, the breeze, the smell, the children playing on the streets.  I spoke to a lady, working in one of the shops, that told me she visited Cortona 30 years ago from Argentina and she never left. She went about to tell me how it had been the best decision in her life. She raised her two boys there and gave them a life that according to her, could not have been better. As I listened to her story, I could understand why one would never want to leave. It is a special town, Cortona. If you have never been, I hope one day you have the opportunity to visit it.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and try to imagine yourself there.
Pictures by me.


Saint Laurent Spring 2013

sick. just saying.

Paint Colors

So, lately lovies, I have been on Pinterest and Houzz like a mad woman! Trying to find just the right shade of gray for my hallway and pool bath. That perfect gray.....is there such a thing? I mean seriously there are a thousand million grays out there people! I wanted a light gray, no a dark gray, no a blue gray no wait.... I think I want a green gray! Oh,  I was not alone in this mad search for that perfect gray, no, I was in good company. My friend, whom has lived around paint and color all her life was in this mad search right along with me. "This is the one you want, this gray would look perfect on your walls!" She would say....but in my mind I was thinking "Is that the one I really want, it's to dark, it's to light, it's to......it's to...!" I could not decide and the more I looked at images in the aforementioned sites, the more confused I became. I bought many, many samples but, only to go with the first selection. The ones my lovely and caring friend had suggested. 
Guess, what? They look ahhhmazing!  

 The colors we selected were: .

 Sherwin Williams Pediment for walls


  Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige for moldings and doors.
Here they almost look taupe but in reality they are a "perfect gray" at least for me they are! 

Images via Pinterest.

Today I thought I would post a video. I hope you enjoy it.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Who isn't in love with Goop and Ms. Martin? She has such beautiful style. I am constantly drawn to her choices over at Pinterest. She has a wonderful esthetic for interiors and fashion. I was so happy when she launched her blog and now she is on Pinterest! 
On her website you can purchase pieces she has personally chosen. What mum wouldn't love to receive the "mum" necklace? Love it!


Inspiration for your weekend.

Always inspired by Celine

Inspired by the colors in the above picture by Tales of Endearment.

Picasso is one of my favorite artist. I recently purchased this book.  The book traces the relationship Picasso had with the written word and literature in his art. I have an admiration for languages so this book is an interesting read. 

Inspired by Caroline de Maigret image above. Having one of my bathrooms painted this weekend, so, this image was especially inspiring. 

Inspired by the latest interview in The Glow

Always inspired by flowers, one of the best creations. 


Dreaming of Portofino, Italia

Dreaming of bello Portofino,  Italia. I have always been enamored with Italy. As the saying goes, Italia nel cuore. 

Photos taken by me.


French Vogue

Enjoying Februarys French Vogue. 
Did you know they have a
Pintrest? Just sayin.

Images my own.


Random Inspiration

Every day I have ideas, every day I have creative images going through my head. 
So many ideas, but what to do with them? Here is a sample of what I have thought of as of late. 
 I am obsessed with Eminence, I've become a junkie....
Also, made my obsession clear here and here about Mr. Blahnik...

Dreaming of this view from one of  Barneys windows. 
Kids art...
love it. 

 Yes, yes, my thoughts and inspiration sometimes are so random, I can't keep up and  I constantly digress. 
Now my head needs what the last image reads....silence.
 Tomorrow will be a new day with even more inspiration.
 Inspiration is found in the smallest of things. Just take a moment and you will find it. 

Images 3, 6 via Pintrest the rest my own.