Dreaming of Cortona, Italy

At a very young age, I became enamored with Italy. From the land, culture, and language, I love all of it. When we travel there, I really feel connected to Italy, and for me, it is always hard to leave.
I have been to many cities in Italy but, one of my favorites was, Cortona. Set high in the Arezzo area, it is truly a special place. From the time one is driving towards the town, you can see the town emerging from the hilltop. Once you arrive you are not disappointed by what you find. Cobblestone streets, small shops, gelato, the local people chatting away outside the cafes. It's as if one is on a movie set.  The day we were there, the town was in full celebration as there was a wedding happening. It was a special treat for us! You can see the bride and groom coming down the street in the above picture. I love the difference between the young couple and the older couple. One starting a life together and the other couple, married for years, but, both couples in love.  There is a sense of calmness in the air, the breeze, the smell, the children playing on the streets.  I spoke to a lady, working in one of the shops, that told me she visited Cortona 30 years ago from Argentina and she never left. She went about to tell me how it had been the best decision in her life. She raised her two boys there and gave them a life that according to her, could not have been better. As I listened to her story, I could understand why one would never want to leave. It is a special town, Cortona. If you have never been, I hope one day you have the opportunity to visit it.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and try to imagine yourself there.
Pictures by me.


  1. Que imagenes más bonitas!!! Desde luego que parece un lugar con mucho encanto!! Y seguro si tengo la oportunidad de ir a Italia, intentaré llegar a Cortona......casi mejor planeamos un viaje juntas!! jejejeje

    Me encantan tus post!!!

  2. Jejeje si verdad?! Gracias guapa! A mi me toca ir a España! Tengo muchísimas ganas de visitar!
    Muchas gracias por leer mi blog:)

  3. Wow those pictures are fantastic! The one of the bride and groom belongs n print!