Timeless Style...

As I've gotten older, I have been able to appreciate timeless pieces. They forever look chic,  classic and stand the test of time. I get teased by some of my friends for always wearing black, but, I love the shade and I constantly reach for it again and again. For me, it is a timeless shade that always looks good. I love the above ensemble by Celine. Though it is from their latest collection, it already looks timeless. Black everything. Love it. Here are a few other pieces that can be added to a wardrobe as a foundation to your personal style. 

The Burberry trench.

The Hermes Birkin Bag.

Victoria wears it well. 

The Chambray shirt.  Along with the classic and chic aviators. 

A pencil skirt, always a classic. This one is by Jcrew

Of course my favorite shoe of all time  Manolo Blahnik's BB pump. Neiman Marcus now has an online made-to-order boutique. Check it out. 
These are just a few timeless pieces, there are many more great pieces out there. Which is your favorite? 


Pink Palette...


I've never thought of myself as being a a fan of pink. However, looking through my Pinterest account,  I've noticed I am attracted to the soothing palette that is pink. Funny how one can learn a thing or two of oneself just by looking back at what we've posted:) I hope this post brings inspiration to your day.

All images via Pinterest minus the last one, taken in Paris by moi.