Paint Colors

So, lately lovies, I have been on Pinterest and Houzz like a mad woman! Trying to find just the right shade of gray for my hallway and pool bath. That perfect gray.....is there such a thing? I mean seriously there are a thousand million grays out there people! I wanted a light gray, no a dark gray, no a blue gray no wait.... I think I want a green gray! Oh,  I was not alone in this mad search for that perfect gray, no, I was in good company. My friend, whom has lived around paint and color all her life was in this mad search right along with me. "This is the one you want, this gray would look perfect on your walls!" She would say....but in my mind I was thinking "Is that the one I really want, it's to dark, it's to light, it's to......it's to...!" I could not decide and the more I looked at images in the aforementioned sites, the more confused I became. I bought many, many samples but, only to go with the first selection. The ones my lovely and caring friend had suggested. 
Guess, what? They look ahhhmazing!  

 The colors we selected were: .

 Sherwin Williams Pediment for walls


  Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige for moldings and doors.
Here they almost look taupe but in reality they are a "perfect gray" at least for me they are! 

Images via Pinterest.

Today I thought I would post a video. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Hola amiga:
    Los colores son muy propiados, muy dulces y elegantes....me encanta tu elección!!!

    Mil besos!!!

  2. Que paso con la primera foto???? jejejeje

  3. Gracias QRNTa! Hehe que bueno que te gustaron los colores! Muchas gracias por leer mi blog. El tuyo me encanta!

  4. Oh my! You must have had a great friend to help you in all that ; ) Your hallway and bathroom look great!