Ramblings and scents....

I am so enjoying my new vintage find. The table is just divine, the marble top is just beautiful. 
I smile every time I look at it. You can see the original post here.

 I have a thing for scents, especially home scents. 
I can't stand not having any sort of wonderful scent around the house. 
I love walking by my Alora, and catching a whiff of the aroma. 

For years I have bought Diptyque candles. 
They have the most wonderful selection of scents!
 No one else can replicate their aromas. 
I can never get enough and when the candle has given all it has,
 I like to reuse the container for pencils, cosmetics and or brushes, 
I even use is it as a flower vase.
Cooking always seems to leave a not so pleasing smell,  especially if I cook with garlic. 
So, to make it dissipate, I use Santa Maria Novella or Francis Kurkdjian incense papers.
 They are a quick way to neutralize not so pleasing smells. 

Lastly, here is a recent picture of my Savi:)
Have a wonderful day. Wherever you are, may your day be sunny and bright. 

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