Ramblings and Such.....

Dreaming of the Amalfi Coast...

And if I were going to the Amlafi, I  would so wear this kaftan.  Found here.
Je' aime this adorable tee for mon petit.  Found here.
Trying these fish tacos tonight! Thanks Joanna!
Would love to view this amazing instillation at Marseille Vieux Port by Foster and Partners.  They design some of the most interesting and beautiful architectural projects. 
This is the  latest image I took of my Savi Apple. She is 60+ lbs of love. I never tire of taking her picture.

This post is entitled, Ramblings for a reason. It's ramblings of what inspired me, what I like, what I want to try and some of what I dream about. This is how my brain works, there never seems to be a sequence or a pattern, just  many thoughts, inspirations and ideas......
Thanks for reading:)

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