St. Barth Pics.....

 So, here are some images from my trip to St. Barth.
It was a wonderful trip and I would definitely
 love to return to this beautiful island. 
The above  was the view from our room.
We could see and hear the ocean waves. 
I loved the ceiling in the room.
Every morning we had a delicious breakfast by the ocean. 
Here is the view from out table each morning.
The hotel had lime trees on site. 
We were able to pick some right from the tree!
Three little limes...
The hotel uses these for outdoor dining.
No, I so want some to use by my pool.
Every day was beach day. 
Here were my essentials.
 Plus Sunblock (it was in the bag) of course!
 The streets of the island are so tiny.
This one is actually one of the wider ones.
 Every day we explored the island and
every day we saw something incredibly breathtaking.
 One of the days we took a hike to get to one of the beaches.
It was such a trek to get there but it was worth it! It was beautiful.

Can you believe we carried all this during our hike?!
Here is the beach we came to from our hike.
Here we are at the top of one of the cliffs.
 The villas and hotels are all built on cliffs and some of them were so high, 
 I'm amazed how they were able to build so high.

The above are images of the different beaches we visited.
The one above is called, Shell Beach. 
It's hard to tell but what you see are all shells.
 I had never seen anything like it. 

 This store was adorable, to bad it was closed when we found it.

 This store has a selection of very fine wines and liqueur. 

Of course the shopping in St. Barth is incredibly chic. 
The above image is Louis Vuitton.
Shopping Mall.

The capital of St. Barth is Gustavia, it is very charming and quaint.
 Every corner has shops, restaurants and even art galleries. 

Visited different restaurant but, this one was our favorite.
 It is Italian and everyone that works there is Italian. 
We felt we were in Italy...which was a plus for us since we love Italy!

Alas, it was time to say goodbye, It was hard to leave but, hoping
to return again:)
Love you,
 St. Barth!

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